Fortem Development is a collaboration of individuals with a strong belief in the value of customer service and a passion for Real Estate.


We understand the happiness that comes from living in a home you truly love effects all aspects of your life so we make it our goal to provide our customers with a place they can’t wait to come back to each and every day.

Our team is made of people from all walks of the Real Estate Industry bringing a combined 75 years of Single-Family home experience! With backgrounds in Development, Construction, Sales, Design and Planning, we believe we understand the formulas necessary to provide you with the right home for your lifestyle.


It's about family.


A home should be a place where memories are made. Whether your family is your spouse and children, your grandkids, or just a group of your favorite friends and neighbors, your home should be that place you want everyone to gather. Whether you love hosting the entire neighborhood for a Sunday BBQ or prefer a quiet dinner with your closest friends, your home should be that place you want to be. Our goal isn’t just to build you a house, our goal is to build you that that place that you’re proud to call home.